Winter Down House, Aldeburgh, Suffolk



Location Winter Down House, Crescent Road, Aldeburgh, Suffolk Main
Megahart Developments Ltd.
Size 320 sq. m. Client Private Year 2021-2023

Project Description

A planning application has been approved and construction is currently under way for this new house located in Aldeburgh. The house is configured with a C-shaped ground floor plan providing a private south facing garden, creating privacy from neighbouring buildings. The projecting front portion of the building provides a covered porch/external parking area. The kitchen and living rooms are well proportioned, with vaulted ceilings and large openings to provide a sense of space. Within the hallway, a contemporary feature staircase extends up into the vaulted space. The upper floors are in a linear form with their main perspective towards the front, giving views of tree canopies whilst also shielding from neighbouring views. A second floor lookout is provided allowing distant views across the landscape. The external materials are layered horizontally to relate to the wider landscape . The design has been welcomed by The Aldeburgh Society; 'It is heartening to see a competent scheme for a contemporary dwelling that takes advantage of the characteristics of the site and adds character and interest to an already varied and visually interesting area.'