School Hill, Histon – 15 flats



Location School Hill, Histon, Cambridge Main
Size 1No. flats Client Camel Projects Year 2022 -2024

Project Description

This utilizes the space above an existing single storey shopping parade in the centre of the village. The proposal adds a series of gable ended forms above the existing shops. These provide the required volume but maintain the finer grain of the historic high street and avoid a large monolithic form.  The gables also respond to the Listed building opposite known as ‘the Gables’. The width of the gables is informed by the width of the shops below and the height is sufficient to create a usable space on the second floor and follows the scale suggested in the Village Design Guide. The form and increased scale were also intended to better define the commercial centre of the village by providing this with a stronger identity and sense of place. Access would be provided by a new stair core situated behind Tesco’s, with a bridge access. The flats would be laid out along a central corridor with balconies provided on both sides. To avoid any single aspect flats in the scheme, lightwells have been added to the first and second-floor flats. These lightwells provide additional natural light, ventilation and better views from the communal terraces, ensuring that every flat benefits from these features. The proposal would also provide a roof terrace, additional landscaping at ground floor level and rationalize the existing car parking at the rear. The proposed materials include composite vertical cladding and powder-coated horizontal louvers, complemented by a slate roof above. The integration of modern, large-sized glazing will be strategically positioned behind the metal louvers, ensuring both aesthetics and functionality. The façade serves a dual purpose by acting as solar shading while also providing privacy. The windows will be constructed with aluminium frames which will be dark grey powder-coated to match the ground floor. This project offers an opportunity to provide a high-quality architectural space and make a positive contribution to the centre of the village. The new residential component above the commercial spaces will provide much-needed affordable places to live for local people with a high standard of accommodation. The proposal aims to follow the vision of the Village Design Guide which has been written by the local community.