Armsold Farm Shortlisted for CFCI award

We are very pleased to announce Armsold Farm Shortlisted for the Greater Cambridge Design and Construction Awards for best new building.

Armsold Farm is a new dwelling situated within the South Cambridgeshire countryside and was previously occupied by a nondescript 19th-century farmhouse along with a collection of dilapidated outbuildings.

The clients expressed great enthusiasm for the site's potential. A pivotal highlight was its location on a registered light airfield, with its own grass runway and hangar. As the proud owners of a light aircraft, this offered an exciting prospect for the owners to create a home with direct access to the skies. Our client’s brief was to design a high-quality, modern replacement dwelling that required exceptionally low maintenance and a Timeless design. All materials and details were carefully selected for their longevity and robustness.

Armsold Farm comprises two main elements - the main house and the ancillary wing. The main house is a simple two-story building with a pitched roof and linear proportions running north to south. This design aims to evoke a minimal elemental form, reminiscent of barns and other agricultural structures in the landscape, rather than replicate a barn's detailed design.

Sustainability was a key focus from the project's inception. The client, experienced in electrical engineering, wanted to include many passive and active sustainable technologies, including a ground source heat pump (GSHP), mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR), and Photovoltaic Panels (PV). With low fabric U-Values of 0.12 W/m2K, this approach significantly reduced the dwelling's energy demand.

Link to Armshold Farm Project Page: Armshold Farm, Kingston – private residence

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