Milton Place, Milton Road – 10 units



Location 21-23 Milton Road, Cambridge Main
Dean & Dean Construction
Size 4No. semi-detached houses & 6No. flats Client Eleric Ltd Year 2016-2017

Project Description

This site had stood vacant for a number of years and the development is for four semi-detached houses and a block containing six apartments which will help regenerate this area of Mitcham’s Corner. The apartments are contained in the block facing Milton Road. This is intended to provide a positive built form at the junction of Milton Road and Westbrook Drive, serving to redefine and visually strengthen the street frontage. Architectural elements such as bay windows, chimney stacks, gable forms and vertically proportioned windows are intended to be a positive response to the adjacent Edwardian properties (which are Buildings of Local Interest) and to help assimilate the proposal into the streetscape without devaluing these heritage assets. The choice of grey bricks also relates to the weathered Cambridge Stock bricks. The new semi-detached houses front Westbrook Drive and introduce a more closely knit urban form more typical of the area, and serve to enhance the approach to the Business Park by providing an active street frontage.