High Street, Cherry Hinton – 6 houses



Location 72 High Street, Cherry Hinton Main
Ley Construction
Size 6No. dwellings Client James Spriggs Year 2021- 2024

Project Description

This scheme for 6No. new dwellings is currently under construction and replaces a former bungalow on a long narrow site. The site layout has been configured with the residential units informally strung along the edge of the adjacent park in a broken detached form. The principal outlook of the units is towards the park, with a pedestrian access path located on the northern boundary. Each unit would be provided with a small garden at ground floor level. The layout is intended to provide a positive built form on the edge of the park, with the buildings situated to address and define this public open space. This layout, as well as providing a good outlook for occupants, also provides a degree of natural surveillance across the park which is currently lacking. The proposal is contemporary in appearance, comprising of a series of flat-roofed volumes, staggered to increase privacy. Utilising flat roofs in this proposal allows the units to be of a lower height than they otherwise would be, reducing impact on neighbouring properties as well as allowing for green roofs which mitigate surface water runoff, provide valuable biodiversity habitat and a discreet location for solar panels. The principal elevation facing the park would be articulated with projecting balconies and large scale south facing windows. The northern elevations are more private in nature, but incorporate a large feature staircase window and recessed entrance porches. Winter gardens have been introduced on some units to serve as usable semi-external amenity spaces which also mitigate any potential external noise from the nearby park. The units will be heated via air source heat pumps.