Mallory House, East Road – 34 apartments



Location 90-92 East Road, Cambridge Main
Dudley Construction
Size 34No. student studio apartments Client Dudley Developments Year 2014-2016

Project Description

This development took the form of a contemporary five storey block of 34No. studio apartments for student use. The building was conceived as a block to be set amongst other blocks as an element of the redevelopment of this area. In terms of scale, mass and siting, it follows the parameters and recommendations set out in the EGVD (Eastern Gate Visioning Document), as well as the precedents established in the recently approved residential development on adjacent land. The simple ‘C’ shaped plan provided accommodation set around a courtyard. This courtyard linked up with that of Varsity House, serving to continue the existing pattern of development and  maximize natural light to the centre of the building. The large format openings on the front elevation provide ‘windows on to the city’ from each studio. The intentional blank side elevation will be obscured when the adjoining car lot is re-developed in the near future.