Byron Square – Passivhaus



Location Byron Square, Cambridge Main
Size 150 sq. m. Client Private Year 2023

Project Description

NP Architects were instructed with the task of creating a family home that met Passivhaus standards. Right from the initial stages of design, it became evident that to truly fulfil this vision, it was more pragmatic and sustainable in the long term to entirely replace the existing structure with a new detached dwelling. This decision, although significant, was rooted in economic and environmental considerations. At the core of the client's vision lies a commitment to sustainability and eco-consciousness. One crucial aspect of this commitment is the directive to upcycle and repurpose the existing dwelling's steel structure. To achieve this ambitious goal, a carefully planned approach will be necessary. The proposed design will not least align with the rigorous Passivhaus standard. In selecting materials, we opted for a combination of brick and standing seam zinc cladding. These materials were chosen as a reference to existing steel cladding, presented in a contemporary context. Inside, the floor plan was configured to ensure that natural light permeates into every corner. One innovative feature is the semi-internal courtyard on the ground floor. This not only acts as a physical divide within the living spaces but also serves as a conduit for daylight, channelling it deep into the interior. Bedrooms, situated on the first and second floors, were strategically positioned to maximize natural light. Large windows ensure that each space is well lit in the appropriate levels of daylight, enhancing both the aesthetics and the overall well-being of the occupants. From an environmental perspective, the development proposal provides a zero-carbon dwelling, aligning with both local and national policy and client expectations. Through careful material selection, innovative design elements and a commitment to meeting and exceeding environmental standards, we have aimed to redefine what a modern, eco-conscious family dwelling can be.