Cottenham Grandstand



Location The Grandstand, Cottenham Racecourse Main
Size 1No. family dwelling Client Dakin Estates Year 2023

Project Description

Constructed in approximately 1925, Cottenham Grandstand was used as both a viewing platform and a working building during race days and still retains a rich sporting heritage. During the unfortunate decline of the local race days, the grandstand was significantly vandalised and fell into disrepair. Both the heritage and distinctive form of the structure offered an exciting opportunity to breathe a new lease of life into the Grandstand by way of conversion to a unique residential dwelling. The key concept was to retain the form and to juxtapose the conceptually heavy structural base with a subtle lightweight addition. This was achieved by preserving the existing solid brick construction, openings, distinctive columns and even the signature loudspeaker system, whilst inserting a lightweight, contemporary timber structure to create a complimentary contrast between old and new. A stepped patio and external steps are intended to echo the Grandstand tiers. The first floor features an open plan living, kitchen and dining space, a large balcony, and large openings to make the most of the stunning views over the Cambridgeshire countryside. Sliding shutters to the openings are designed to prevent light spill. We were delighted that the scheme obtained planning permission in November 2023, and eagerly anticipate the commencement of this conversion which preserves the legacy of the Grandstand.