High Street, Bottisham – 2 houses



Location 69 High Street, Bottisham Main
Timeline (London) Ltd.
Size 2No. houses Client Timeline (London) Ltd. Year 2014-2017

Project Description

This scheme replaced existing dilapidated outbuildings associated with former farm use with 2No. new dwellings. These occupy a similar footprint to the original outbuildings, with an additional wing built at 90 degrees to each property to form a courtyard arrangement. The side wings are set 1m into the ground to provide additional first floor accommodation. The design is intended to retain the linear character and vernacular style of the existing buildings, with the wings conceived in a slightly more contemporary style with glazed gables. The courtyard arrangement loosely reflects earlier layouts associated with its historic farm use. This design is also considered to relate well to the courtyard arrangement of cottages to the south and fits in with the general pattern of development nearby. The palette of materials is black stained weatherboarding, brickwork, powder coated aluminium windows and pantiles on the roof (the bricks were reclaimed from the existing buildings).