High Street, Chesterton – 3 houses



Location 38 High Street, Chesterton Main
Size 3 houses Client Private Year 2019-2020

Project Description

This scheme is located within the Chesterton Conservation Area of Cambridge. The proposal replaces a single detached dwelling with a terrace of 3 sustainable houses. The existing house is nondescript, built in the 1970’s, and is recognised as not contributing the character of the Conservation Area. The proposal explores the traditional C19 terraced house typology and seeks to ‘repair’ the historic High Street frontage by re-introducing a continuous built-form which once existed. The proposed palette of materials are very familiar; weathered buff brick and slate roof used in conjunction with vertical proportion openings and bay windows. Nevertheless, the building is of its time, aiming to respond to the neighbouring Victorian terraces with without replicating them.