North Street – 2 houses



Location North Street, Cambridge Main
Dean & Dean Construction
Size 2No. dwellings Client Beechwood Estates Year 2014-2016

Project Description

This North Street project involved building two modest 1.5 storey two-bedroom dwellings fronting North Street (land to the rear of Nos. 27 & 25 Histon Road) for a private client and a local developer. The new dwellings, which are situated in the local conservation area, replaced former garages. This street has developed in a piecemeal fashion over recent years as outbuildings belonging to the Histon Road properties have been gradually converted or replaced. Planning was also obtained for the rear of No. 31 which is currently under construction. When complete, these houses will collectively help to redefine this section of previously neglected street frontage. These buildings are constructed in a buff colour brick, which relates well to traditional Cambridge Stock, and a natural slate roof. Internally, the layouts incorporate a gallery area on the first floor to create an unexpected sense of space.