The Green, Histon



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The project at The Green, Histon included the renovation and extension of an existing house, aiming to preserve its historical character and enhance its sustainability. The proposed changes are thoughtfully designed to align with the existing structure and the Histon Village Design Guide. The front part of the house will undergo a renovation, restoring historical features such as a central entrance door and a thatched roof with dormers. At the rear, the extensions are proposed to be rebuilt to a better standard that respects the character of the building. The footprint of the house will be enlarged to provide better accommodation standards, with an open-plan dining and living area on the ground floor and bedrooms above. Sustainability is a key focus, as the existing fabric will be upgraded. The design incorporates traditional pitched roof forms and materials. The elevations will extend in a white painted brick, the main roof will feature a thatch covering, and the rear pitched roof extension will be clad in red clay tiles.