Two Tees Boatyard, Cambridge



Location Water Street, Cambridge Main
Inti Construction
Size 3No. dwellings Client Inti Construction Year 2022-2024

Project Description

The site area fronting Water Street was formally occupied by dilapidated sheds which formed part a the former boat yard. The proposed development of 3 dwellings has been conceived as a simple set of gable forms which reflect that of many boathouses found along the River Cam. The long narrow footprints also echo those of the existing sheds which were used for the repair of narrowboats. The two story scale of the development is comparable to that of many of the houses along Water Street. Although the floor levels have been raised to mitigate any flood risk, the ridge and eaves heights will be similar to those found in the immediate street scene. The principal outlook of the units is towards the river, where an external raised deck area adjoins the living rooms. The patio doors have been recessed in the gable ends so that these read as large door openings. These recesses also allow for natural solar shading and provide a private covered amenity for the future occupants. The area to the rear of the houses on the river frontage will be left open as a communal garden. A good amount of separation has been given to the boundaries to allow a majority of the existing trees to be retained, as well as ensuring the neighbouring dwellings will still enjoy an outlook on to the river and beyond. The development will mostly take place at the more dilapidated side of the site towards Water Street, which will position the dwellings in the lowest risk of flooding area and enables the retention of the boathouses to the river frontage to maintain the character of the site from Stourbridge Common. The dwellings are currently under construction with completion due in summer 2024.