Planning Granted – Cottenham Grandstand to Become New Home

Planning permission has been granted for the redesign of the Cottenham Grandstand. As a historic emblem of local heritage for nearly a century, we are excited to be involved in converting this unique structure into a residential dwelling.

Originally constructed in the 1920s, Cottenham Grandstand symbolized the village's passion for amateur horse racing. Our design strategy emphasizes a respectful blend of tradition and modernity. We are keen to preserve the grandstand's original brickwork and structure while integrating contemporary elements using durable, quality materials for an appealing and robust design.

Our design incorporates innovative features, utilizing a lightweight timber cladding for the new elements, providing a striking contrast to the existing heavy brick. This approach aims to harmoniously blend old and new while enhancing the visual appeal and functionality of the structure.

Incorporating thoughtful enhancements, our design includes living spaces on the first floor to maximize views across the racecourse. Inside the dwelling, we are harmonizing modern living spaces with subtle touches honoring its racing legacy. We are revitalizing the landscape, repurposing obsolete outbuildings, and transforming the once-bustling race-day driveway into a private entrance.

This restoration will preserve the grandstand's heritage while giving the building a purpose and a new lease on life. With planning permission secured, we eagerly anticipate seeing this project progress into a home that preserves its legacy within the community fabric.

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